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ACHA publishes its 2016/17 Landlord Report

Argyll Community Housing Association, ACHA, has published its 2016/17 landlord report. The landlord report gives details of the Association’s performance in terms of quality and value of the service that should be provided against the standards set out by the Scottish Social Housing Charter, introduced by the Scottish Government in 2012.

Alastair MacGregor, ACHA’s Chief Executive stated

“I am pleased to be able to report that there has been good improvement in a number of areas over 2016/17.

This year we are showing an increase in overall satisfaction from tenants surveyed of 90%, compared with 84% in the previous year. This puts us on a par with the Scottish average for overall tenant satisfaction. I can also report that the average time to deal with emergency repairs reduced significantly this year to 3.87 hours compared with 8.59 hours in 2015/16. Also during 2016/17 tenants’ satisfaction with the management of the area they live in has increased from 85% to 88%. The Scottish average is 87%.

There are some areas that we are keen to improve on such as the number of tenants satisfied with the quality of their home, which sits at 79% satisfaction. The Scottish average is 87% and we would wish to achieve this level of satisfaction in the near future. Another area we will be working on is the percentage of repairs appointments kept, which has dropped to 91% this year and takes us below the Scottish average of 96%.

The Association is committed to improving our services to tenants and other service users and the areas in the landlord report we need to improve on will be prioritised by the Association.”

ACHA’s Landlord Report can be found here

Hard copies of the Landlord report are available from local ACHA offices, or on request via