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Make a complaint or suggestion

ACHA wants to hear from you if have a complaint or suggestion. We'd much rather that you told us why you aren't happy with our service and give us the opportunity to make things better.

ACHA aims to deliver a high quality and caring service to its tenants and others in the community.

Annual Complaints Report

The Annual Complaints Report (right) provides a detailed review of how well we have performed during the 2017/18 reporting year.

During this past year, we have focussed primarily on resolving complaints within their respective timeframes and training staff in owning the issue, by taking responsibility at the first point of contact, meeting target timescales, and keeping customers informed when handling their complaint.

During 2017/18, we have been focussing on logging and monitoring compliments, logging and monitoring learning outcomes from complaints, and logging and monitoring comments or suggestions submitted from Customer Complaint Satisfaction Survey results.

Report a Significant Performance Failure

If you are an ACHA tenant, you can report a significant performance failure (SPF) to the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR). A group of tenants or an individual acting on behalf of tenants, such as a representative of a registered tenants’ organisation, can also report an SPF to the SHR.

For an explanation of what an SPR is and how you can report an SPF, please refer to page 5 and 6 of the 'How we regulate - a guide for tenants and service users' published by the SHR, which you can find in the related publications box on the right, along with the form to use to report an SPF.

An SPF is not an individual tenant complaint about services.

If you have a complaint, for example if you are unhappy about how repairs were carried out to your own home, then you should raise this through our Complaints Handling Procedure Customer Information Leaflet.

You can find other useful downloads in the related publications box on the right.