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Tenant Guide to Maximising Income

Acha’s Welfare Rights Officers are here to help all ACHA tenants with all aspects of benefit advice including mandatory reconsiderations and appeals including representation at Tribunal. The benefits system can often be challenging and overwhelming to navigate, further complicated by the fact that benefits, grants and rebates can come from a variety of agencies and so it is often difficult to know where to go for the right support. Some benefits e.g. Universal Credit are administered by the UK Government and some benefits are now being devolved to the Scottish Government for example Child Disability Payment. Some benefits such as the Scottish Child Payment are only available in Scotland which can be overwhelming for claimants.

Additionally, local authorities have also been given responsibility for administering support and grant assistance. Using a holistic approach to bring all of this information to one access point, Welfare Rights Officers are committed to ensuring that tenants access the right information and level of support they require on an individual basis.

Our Welfare Rights Service provides a Welfare Rights Officer for each area in Argyll where you can contact your Welfare Rights Officer to arrange an appointment either by telephone or in person, face to face visits can be organised for the office or home whichever suits best. Please click on the following area leaflets for more information on the Welfare Rights Officer for your area.

For further information on benefits for working age and pensioners and please do not hesitate to contact Acha’s Welfare Rights Service if you wish to check eligibility.

You can also contact our Welfare Rights Service on 0800 028 2755 or email

Please click on this link for useful information on some of the benefits available to maximise income.

A Step by Step Guide to applying for Universal Credit