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Senior Management Team

Argyll Community Housing Association and Argyll Homes for All Senior Management Team

The Association's Senior Management Team have responsibility for strategic and operational matters. They also pay a key role in advising and supporting the Board of Management to formulate policies and plans for the future development of the Association and our delivery of services.

Chief Executive

Michelle Mundie

The Chief Executive is responsible for providing the leadership, purpose, and direction for the organisation at officer level for the ACHA Group which encompasses Argyll Community Housing Association and its repairs subsidiary Argyll Homes for All. She also provides advice and guidance to the Boards of Argyll Community Housing Association and Argyll Homes for All.

Michelle is also responsible for ensuring that the Association carries out its strategic objectives in accordance with the Group's Business Plan and policies. Michelle also ensures that the Group meets the requirements of the Scottish Housing Regulator and other regulatory bodies.

Finance & IT

Director: Allan MacDonald

The Director of Finance & IT provides guidance and control on strategic financial and IT matters as well as planning, managing, reporting on and controlling corporate funds.

Allan also ensures ACHA achieves its Business Plan, that regulatory standards are met and that the RSL remains a viable and financially efficient organisation.

Customer Experience

Director: Sandra McLeod

The role of the Director of Customer Experience is to ensure that ACHA provides the highest quality of services to tenants and other customers.

Sandra ensures that regulatory and performance targets are met and that services, which include, allocations, welfare rights, estate management and debt management are delivered in line with ACHA’s Business Plan.

Property Services

Director: Fiona Campbell

The role of the Director of Assets and Sustainability is to deliver the Association's repairs service, investment and new build development programmes.

Fiona ensures that the Association meets performance and satisfaction levels in line with our strategic and operational objectives.

Human Resources & Corporate Services

Director: Colette Benham

The role of the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Services is to ensure that all staff are able to meet the competencies required to carry out their work.

In addition, Colette ensures that there is a high level of administration and support on corporate affairs and governance available with both ACHA and AHFA. The department also provides advice to the Management Team and Board of Management.

Argyll Homes for All (AHFA)

Managing Director: Phil Burn

The role of the Managing Director of AHFA is to provide a high quality reactive repairs service to ACHA.

Phil also ensures that pre-planned maintenance programmes for a variety of works, including gas safety and solid fuel checks are carried out.

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