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Aims, vision, values & objectives


To improve, develop and manage quality affordable homes across Argyll and Bute by working in partnership

Our Vision

As a landlord of choice, our vision is to work with partners to deliver, and strengthen sustainable and mixed communities throughout Argyll and Bute

Our Values


We develop good practice standards and strive for continuous improvement and efficiency.

Diversity and inclusion

We treat service users and employees with respect by implementing our equality policies throughout our services which are accessible to all.

Community sustainability

Strong recognition, identification and representation of all Argyll and Bute Communities.


We are committed to achieving our objectives


We uphold professional standards of conduct throughout organisational practice.

Openness and accountability

We share and publicise information and monitor our performance against professional standards.


We have established policies and procedures to ensure consistent service delivery.


We work collectively to promote professional services across Argyll and Bute

Our Objectives

Putting our Tenants and our Communities First by:

  • Achieving the Scottish Government housing standards and addressing housing need in Argyll & Bute, through development and upgrading;
  • Providing quality customer care and equality across all our services;
  • Developing the financial strength and capacity to meet current and future objectives;
  • Deliver progressive and sustainable business performance and service delivery;
  • Improving strategic relationships and partnerships;
  • Continuous improvement of Scottish Social Housing Charter Indicators;

In each of our objectives, we aim to be innovative and strive to provide excellent services and performance.