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Strategic Planning

ACHA Group Strategic Planning

21st and 22nd February 2022

The ACHA Group held its Strategic/Business Planning Session on 21st and 22nd February 2022 at the Inveraray Inn, Inveraray.

During the session Governing Body members of the ACHA Group:

  • Considered the business priorities going forward for the Group and revised the Corporate Strategic Plan;
  • Considered the Strategic Financial overview for the Group;
  • Reviewed progress against objectives set for each Department and AHFA, ACHA's subsidiary company, and agreed the objectives for 2022 onwards;
  • Reviewed the PEST and SWOT matrices, considering any pandemic issues;
  • Agreed the Association's Mission Statement should remain as 'To improve, develop and manage quality affordable homes across Argyll and Bute by working in partnership';
  • Agreed the Association's existing Vision/Our Way should remain 'As a landlord of choice to work with partners to deliver and strengthen sustainable and mixed communities throughout Argyll and Bute';
  • Agreed an amendment to one of the Values of the Association - the heading 'Resourcefulness' to be reworded to read - 'We aim to have the ability to find quick and smarter ways to overcome difficulties';
  • Reviewed and updated the ACHA and AHFA Risk Matrix and Risk Registers;
  • Discussed shared equity and other intiatives;
  • Considered the 2021 Tenant Satisfaction survey outcomes