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Strategic planning

ACHA Strategic Planning – 1st & 2nd March 2017

The Board of Management held their two day Strategic/Business Planning session on 1st & 2nd March 2017 in Inveraray.

Over the two-day period, the Board of Management:

• Agreed the key issues, opportunities and threats for the ACHA Group for the next five years

•Agreed the Association’s Mission Statement should remain as ‘To improve, develop and manage quality affordable homes across Argyll and Bute by working in partnership’

•Agreed the Association’s existing Vision should remain ‘As a landlord of choice to work with partners to deliver and strengthen sustainable and mixed communities throughout Argyll and Bute’

•Agreed the Vision and Values of the Association

•Revised the organisational objectives and core strategy for 2017-2019

•Updated the ACHA and AHFA Risk Matrix

• Reviewed the PEST and SWOT matrices

In addition, the Board of Management received a presentation from Stewart Earley, Colthart Earley Architects on how they approach tasks given by Housing Associations to deliver maximum benefit for minimum cost. The presentation also covered what the future holds for the construction industry