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ACHA provides a property management service to private owners in blocks which are shared with ACHA.

A number of owners have entered into Factoring Agreements to formalise the relationship of managing common property (eg roofs, walls, foundations, chimney stacks, gutters, downpipes, closes, entrances) which all owners within the block are responsible for.

For property owners who are formally factored the details of your service are laid out in your Factoring Agreement – a sample of which can be found here.

Agreements are specific to each block following on inspection of title deeds. In addition a Homeowners Guide is issued to all owners at the start of factoring and the most up-to-date version is available here.

A customer satisfaction survey is carried out with owners who have entered into a formal arrangement to assist ACHA in reviewing and progressing the service. It is important to us to get this feedback to enable us to develop the service. The latest results of the Survey are available through this link.


ACHA is a registered property factor in terms of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 - Registration number PF000302.

This legislation covers a number of actions carried out by ACHA – the formal factoring arrangement, in addition common ground which is currently maintained by ACHA and work to tenemental properties carried out on the basis of custom and practice where the work affects our tenant and is required as an emergency to prevent material damage or destruction to the building. This includes work which is carried out to buildings to comply with health and safety aspects.

Written Statements of Service have been issued to affected property owners, which sets out the level of service provided depending on the property, and ensures our compliance with the Act.

If you have difficulty in arranging works with neighbouring owners and wish further information on ACHA’s factoring service please contact your local area office. For impartial guidance and advice if you are arranging your own work the following website may be useful.

The leaflet “What is Factoring” is a summary of costs and charges, and the service provided.

You may find further useful information by visiting the related publications box on the right hand side of your screen.


The Property Factors (Scotland) Act and Code of Conduct are available through the below links :-

Code of Conduct

Any complaints relating to the provision of ACHA’s services should, in the first instance, be made by contacting a member of staff at your local office who will assist with matters and provide you with information on the complaints process. Should you remain unhappy with the outcome of an internal investigation and you feel there has been: -

  1. A failure to comply with the Code of Conduct.
  2. A failure to carry out duties

you can then refer matters to:-

Housing and Property Chamber

First-tier Tribunal for Scotland

Glasgow Tribunals Centre

20 York Street


G2 8GT

Tel: 0141 302 5900