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Your Voice

Your Voice Group

What is the role of the "Your Voice Group"

  • Monitor performance
  • Challenge service delivery
  • Identify service improvements
  • Support the development of policies and procedures
  • Help ACHA achieve value for money
  • Ensure that customers are involved appropriately in influencing service delivery

"Your Voice Group"... What is it?

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. The "Your Voice" group embraces this commitment and enables real scrutiny and accountability of the organisation and its services. The "Your Voice" group will scrutinise the performance of ACHA and make recommendations based on the findings about how services to customers might be improved. The structure ensures that you, the customer, is measuring, testing and monitoring the services you receive and that you can influence the development of the business.

So how would the "Your Voice" group make recommendations?

As an example the group looked at the Association's Void re-let standards & procedures. Supported by impartial external advisers, the group produced a report which made twelve recommendations for improvements to service standards & procedures.

What happened next?

The Board considered the report & agreed to implement all the recommendations. Group member Ian McIntyre said, "this demonstrates that ordinary tenants can make a difference".

This is an exciting opportunity for you to really make a difference and we look forward to hearing your views. Please contact us at

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