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"Your Voice Group"... What is it?

The Your Voice Group members have an important role to take an in-depth look at our housing services and identifying areas where they think things might be improved or changed.

After looking at a service, the panel will work together to write a report with recommendations that will be presented to ACHA’s Board on how services can be improved. Officer support will be provided to the panel throughout their whole review.

ACHA will respond to this by agreeing which measures can be implemented and, where they can’t be implemented, explain fully why not.


ACHA’s Your Voice Group celebrated winning the "Most Inspiring Scrutiny Newcomer Award" at the Tenant Information Services National Excellence Awards 2018.

The Group have undertaken seven scrutiny projects:

  • Vacant property letting
  • Communications
  • Life of Repair: Repairs & Maintenance
  • A Place Fit for Living- Estate Management
  • Planned Maintenance: Communication and Customer Satisfaction
  • The Development Programme: Delivering New Homes for ACHA tenants
  • Void & Lettable Standard

The Your Voice Group are now working on a new scrutiny exercise - tenant & other customer participation.

What's in it for me?

  • You’ll get the “feel good” factor in helping to make a real difference.
  • Your feedback will be listed and acted upon.
  • Your involvement will help shape and improve services for you and all ACHA customers.
  • You won’t be out of pocket as you can claim expenses for travel costs and parking charges. If you live on an island we can provide overnight accommodation and travel expenses when you are attending a meeting or event on the mainland.
  • The chance to meet new people and form new friendships.
  • The opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills.

What Your Voice Group Members think...

It’s a very worthwhile job that we are doing to highlight improvements to ACHA’s Board, who listen to us.” Jane Lindsay, Helensburgh

I have been a member of Your Voice since 2015. We have completed many projects, of which ACHA have taken our recommendations on board and we also won an award. Join the Your Voice Group because it's interesting, we can make a difference and the more voices the better.” Jennie Niven, Isle of Tiree

Want to help us?

Have you got the time to help us? This is an exciting opportunity for you to really make a difference and we look forward to hearing your views. Please contact us at or telephone 0800 028 2755.

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