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The finance team within the Finance & IT Department is primarily responsible for processing invoices and paying contractors, suppliers and consultants for the ACHA group. The Approved Supplier list is also maintained by the team.

In additional, the team co-ordinates the annual budget setting process, produces monthly management accounts and the annual statutory accounts. It also manages the group cash flow and sundry debtor process.

Terms of Trade and Billing Expectations (Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants)

Invoices should be addressed to Argyll Community Housing Association and either sent to the local office, or emailed directly to the relevant member of staff, that has procured the goods or services. On receipt of an invoice the relevant staff have a duty to match the invoice to a purchase or works order, to ensure the goods or cervices have been received at the standard expected, and to authorise the invoice before it is sent to the finance team for payment. To ensure we are able to meet the individual organisations terms of trade invoices must be sent to the relevant office within 7 days of the good or service being provided.

Payments will be made by BACS which ensures payments are secure, easy and results in quicker settlement of invoices.

Approved Supplier List & Declarations of Interest

As a social housing business, we must ensure that no one connected with ACHA benefits from the award of any contact for services supplied to the Association.

To comply with the Association's policies and procedures we require each Supplier who wishes to provide supplies and services to the Association to complete and return an Approved Suppliers application form (link in the right hand box). The data provided in the form will be evaluated by the Association and if it complies with the Association's Standing Orders you will be included in our approved list. Please note that approved status and inclusion in the Association's list of approved suppliers should not be construed as an offer nor is it a commitment to trade between the Association and your company.

Your information will be retained for the purpose of the approved suppliers list and that purpose alone. In accordance with good data protection practices the Association will not divulge to any third party your information. The Association complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the data will be used only for the purposes upon which it was originally sought. The information retained by the Association will be kept for up to one year after the time at which you cease to deal with the Association. The data request may be subject to regular future review.

Please note that if you provide consultancy or contracting services to the Association then there is a different process for you to go through to attain approved status.