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Updating Your Household Details

New legislation being introduced makes it even more important that you ensure that you have registered everyone who stays in your home with ACHA.

To update your household details please click on the following link:-

Household Questionnaire -

You must ensure that you include every occupant of the household on the household questionnaire & continue to keep this information up to date.

Changes being introduced by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 may result in you being unable to assign your tenancy, request a joint tenancy or could result in a request by a family member to succeed to the tenancy in the event of your death being refused if you have failed to notify the Association of their occupancy at least 12 months before the request is made.

So don’t lose your right to make changes to your tenancy- make sure your complete the 2019 household questionnaire and keep ACHA up to date about who is staying in your home