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ACHA Tackles Anti Social Behaviour

Argyll Community Housing Association was recently successful in obtaining an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) against a member of the public who regularly visited the village of Kilcreggan and acted in an anti-social manner. This included being disorderly, shouting and swearing at residents.

The conduct of the individual was such that it caused nuisance, fear and alarm to members of the community. Officers from ACHA worked with residents to build up a case history file which was a key piece of evidence in court. The outcome was the issuing of an ASBO which prevents the perpetrator acting in such a manner again.

Crucially, it also prevents them from even visiting the street where the worst of the incidents took place. Any breach of these conditions would be a criminal offence which would lead to instant arrest.

ACHA’s Regional Manager, Yvonne Angus, stated: “anti-social behaviour is a nuisance that, unfortunately, affects so many neighbourhoods. We at ACHA are determined to tackle this problem head on and to support communities affected by the issue. This specific case was particularly challenging for both staff and tenants but I am pleased with the successful outcome".