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ACHA in partnership with the Your Voice Group – winners of the Excellence in Scrutiny Danny Mullen award.

Argyll Community Housing Association (ACHA) is delighted to announce that their Tenant Scrutiny Group the “Your Voice Group” has won the Excellence in Scrutiny Danny Mullen Award at the Tenant Information Service (TIS) National Excellence Awards 2023 last week.

The Excellence in Scrutiny Danny Mullen award recognises housing organisations, and their tenant scrutiny groups, who have demonstrated excellence in working collaboratively to achieve an exceptional standard of scrutiny that has made a real difference to the lives of tenants, delivery of housing services, and improvement of satisfaction levels.

The Your Voice Group are a Group of tenants from across the Argyll & Bute area who take an in-depth look at ACHA’s housing services, identifying areas where they think things might be improved or changed.

The group gave evidence how the ACHA Group have worked in partnership to embed scrutiny within the organisation’s strategic approach and have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to empowering tenants to work together, have their say, and influence decisions about housing policies, services, and standards.

Ian McIntyre, ACHA’s Vice Chair commented

It gave me a real warm pleasure to be able celebrate yet another award-winning ceremony with “Your Voice”, Argyll Community Housing Association (ACHA) tenant scrutiny group at Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel the other evening. I joined the scrutinty panel soon after I became a ACHA tenant mainly because I wanted to find out what a housing association was, I’m now for my sins an Office Bearer for ACHA Group Board. The “Tenants Information Service” (TIS) Award reflects the Groups’ ethos that is embedded in its soul, of tenant participation and scrutiny. Why not have your say about the association by joining you’ll be most welcome”.

Photo: Left to right - Scottish actor and comedian, Gary Lamont, Gayle Power, Jane Lindsay, Ian McIntyre, Jennie Niven, Sharon Donohoe, TIS