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Fire Safety

Keeping Everyone Safe

Following the terrible events at Grenfell, ACHA has undertaken a number of additional Fire Safety checks in relation to our properties in order to provide reassurance to our tenants.

We can confirm that the Association's cladding work on our buildings uses non-combustible materials that meet the current building regulations. In ACHA's 11 years as a landlord we have had a handful of fires due to domestic incidents. There have been no fires in ACHA's stock which have involved cladding or have spread on the basis of any combustible material installed by ACHA. We liaise regularly with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and will assist tenants with referral to the Service for home fire safety visits.

It is important that everyone takes fire safety seriously and we urge all residents not to store combustible materials in and around common closes. Stairways, in general, must be kept clear to ensure that there is a clear means of escape should a fire occur.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service provide FREE home safety - these can be organised by:-

Calling 0800 0731 9999

Text FIRE to 80800

or contact your local ACHA office and we can make a referral for you!

If you have any concerns about the fire safety of your ACHA property, please contact us on 0800 028 2755 or at