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Tenant Participation

We aim to help tenants and other customers get involved and participate in the decision making process and service delivery requirements of ACHA.

We have a wide variety of opportunities for formal and informal participation which can be found in our Get Involved leaflet.

Our Tenant Participation Strategy ( 2016-19), which was produced following consultation with service users, outlines our commitment to tenant participation and involvement. You can download it in the Related Publications box on the right.

Alastair MacGregor, Chief Executive

“We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with tenants and recognise the importance of good quality participation. By working together we can build a strong and successful organisation that meets and hopefully exceeds the needs of tenants. Involving tenants is at the core of ACHA’s principles and we will always strive to give communities as many opportunities as possible to work with us. We are keen to wherever possible incorporate the outcomes of tenant engagement in our priorities going forward so please input if you feel strongly about something.”

Whilst there are a range of ways for you to get involved there are four main strands of more formal Tenant Participation:-

  • The Feedb@ck forum - Which comprises of tenants who have indicated that they would like to take part in surveys or consultation about our services and policies.
  • Registered Tenant Organisations (RTO’s) - ACHA supports a number of groups who have formally set themselves up as an RTO or as more commonly known, a Tenant & Resident Association. ACHA can provide funding to groups and will help organisers set up new groups in local areas. We currently have two RTOs – one in Cardross and one in Campbeltown. If you would like information on how to set up your own group or contact existing groups please contact your local ACHA office or our communications team.
  • Your Voice (Tenant Scrutiny Group) - Our newest participation forum which tests our policies and procedures to make sure they are fit for purpose. The Your Voice group make formal recommendations to our Board of Management.

For information on any of our Tenant Participation options please contact your local ACHA office or the communications team.

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