Mutual Exchange (Home Swap)

A mutual exchange occurs when two or more tenants of registered social landlords (Housing Associations or Local Authorities) swap homes with the permission of their landlord(s).  Below you'll find information on how to search or apply for a mutual exchange.


View Homes Available for a Mutual Exchange

Argyll Community Housing Association
along with participating housing associations, Fyne Homes, West Highland Housing and Dunbritton, advertise a full list of homes available for a mutual exchange on the Home Argyll website.
To see a full list of the homes available for a mutual exchange, please visit the Home Argyll website by clicking on the Home Argyll logo below or by using this link.   You can find details of people who wish to swap houses and will also provide you with details of location, property type, bedroom size, heating type and rent charges.
Please note, by clicking on the logo below or by using the above link you will be redirected to another website.

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Advertising Your Home for a Mutual Exchange

If you wish to advertise your property for a mutual exchange, complete the below online form.  Alternatively, click the link below to download an application form or contact your local office and we can send this to you. 
Please either submit your online application form or return your completed application to an ACHA office where we will arrange for your property to be advertised on the Home Argyll website, free of charge!  You can also send us some photographs of your property (up to a maximum of 6) that can be published along with your advert.  Please send us your photographs in jpeg format.



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Applying for a Mutual Exchange

Once you have found someone you wish to exchange with and have viewed their home and vice versa, both parties must complete a mutual exchange application form.  Please click the link below to download an application form or contact your local area office.  If the other party has a different landlord to yourself then both parties need to complete mutual exchange application forms from both landlords.


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Once both applications have been received we will assess your application to ensure there are no reasons why the exchange cannot go ahead.  We will then carry out a full inspection of your property, and you may be required to carry out works to your home before the exchange can proceed.
In general, it is the policy of the Association to approve mutual exchanges subject to the following criteria being fulfilled:-

The exchange must not lead to a worse housing situation for either of the households involved.

Neither tenant has been issued with a current Notice by their landlord under grounds 1 to 7, Schedule 2 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.

Neither tenant has had an order for recovery of possession granted against them by their current landlord.

Neither tenant lives in a specially adapted house for someone with special needs (including designated elderly) and if the exchange were granted the house would not contain anyone with such needs.

The exchange must not result in overcrowding or fail to alleviate existing overcrowding.

The exchange must not result in the under-occupation of property by more than one room.

Neither of the houses must have been provided by the landlord in connection with the tenant's employment i.e. tied accommodation.

The Association has 28 days from the date of the receipt of all relevant application forms to agree or refuse an exchange in writing.




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